Welcome to the SDR Virtual Machine documentation

The SDR Virtual Machine processes JavaScript text files. The main features are :

  • Compatible with ECMAScript E5/E5.1
  • ES2015 TypedArray and Node.js Buffer bindings
  • Multi tasking support through Linux POSIX Threads
  • Built-in regular expression engine
  • Built-in Unicode support
  • Garbage collection

Useful Definitions :

  • A module is a javascript static object, methods can be used directly in the code (for example see IO Module). Internally, this exposes C++ functions to the JavaScript engine,
  • A JavaScript object is a bridge to an internal C++ object. It as to be instanciated before use, and the internal garbage collector will unallocate resources when required,
  • SDRVM : Virtual Machine for Software Defined Radio,
  • VM : Virtual Machine
Last update: July 8, 2022