Virtual Machine

The SDR Virtual Machine binary is usually installed in /opt/vmbase. The following options are available :

./sdrvm --help
 SDRVM Version v1.0 - Build : 20220726
 Optimized for x86 AVX Processors
 Optimized for NVIDIA GPU
 (c) SDR-Technologies SAS -
Creating Radio Device factory
Disk free space : 75.5 % 
JavaScript SDR/Sat/DSP and more
  sdrvm [OPTION...]

  -f, --file arg      Script file name/url/archive
      --args arg      Application arguments (if multiple arguments, use
  -d, --workdir arg   working directory, default is program location 
  -v, --verbose       Verbose mode (default: true)
  -t, --timing        Enable timing for each running task
  -w, --web           Enable Webserver at boot
  -p, --port          Web server TCP port (overwrite value in
  -c, --control       Enable remote http control on port 8001
  -g, --gps arg       set GPS NMEA source port input (ex: /dev/ttyACM0),
                      default baudrate is 9600
  -b, --baudrate arg  GPS Baudrate (default: 9600)
  -s, --service       Runs as system daemon
  -l, --license arg   License file to be used
  -r, --request       Generate a license request for this machine
  -h, --help          Print usage

Main options:

  • -f or --file : specifies which script file to load and start, uses boot.js by default if not specified
  • -args : Pass arguments to the script ( see argc() and argv() )
  • -d or --workdir : Where to look for script files (your "home" directory)
  • -t or --timing : displays the running time for the task when it ends

  • -w or --web : starts the static file web server, root (/) is specified in the configuration file

  • -p or --port : specifies which http port has to be used for the webserver, 8080 is the default value (specified in the configuration file).
  • -c or --control : opens a specific http server for remote control. See Remote Control Protocol
  • -g or --gps : reads the VM position from a NMEA compatible GPS/GNSS receiver
  • -b or --baudrate : changes the default 9600 bauds for GPS/GNSS received to the specified value
  • -s or --service : runs the Virtual Machine has a linux daemon (background process).

Configuration files

The SDRVM looks for configuration files in the conf folder, where the sdrvm binary is installed.
The configuration file is a standard "ini" file with the following syntax :


Web configuration

  • port : integer, specifies the http port to be used, default is 8080
  • home : string, valid path with no trailing /, indicates where the static files are located when the sdrvm is started with the --web option
Last update: July 26, 2022