ZMQ Sockets

This object is designed to send/receive floats or IQData from/to a remote machine. Typically to GnuRadio or Python remote scripts.

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**This feature is available only with a License - Contact us for more details**

For a detailed explanation of what ZMQ is, please refer to :

class ZmqSocket {
        constructor ZmqSocket(String socket_type, String destport);

        bool sendString( String text );
        String receiveString(bool blocking );

        bool sendIQ( IQData data );
        IQData receiveIQ( bool blocking - default non blocking );

        float receiveFloat( bool blocking - default non blocking );


Create a new ZMQ connection.

var zmq = new ZmqSocket( socket_type, port);

* socket_type : One of the following ZMQ_REP, ZMQ_REQ, ZMQ_PUB, ZMQ_SUB
* port : connection string, see ZMQ doc for syntax.


Send a JavaScript String to the ZMQ Socket


Receive a string from the ZMQ Socket

receiveString( blocking )
* blocking : boolean, if true : waits for message to arrive. Function does not return has long has the message has not been received. default : false


Send IQData to ZMQ socket.


Receive IQData from a ZMQ socket.


Receive one single float value from a ZMQ socket.

Last update: May 22, 2023